EAZ-FIX  v.9 1

EAZ-FIX is an ultimate solution for your computer's future problems. This software is not to fix your computer's existing problems. It is designed to protect your computer from future problems. With EAZ-FIX you can live your life without any tension.

EAZ-FIX Professional

Bullet proof your computer from user and system problems with EAZ FIX Professional. Instant rollback and datarecovery till last minute of crash. Recover a crashed system in 15 seconds.


EAZ School Proxy Switcher  v.1 1

The EAZ School Proxy Switcher is a freely distributable program that has been designed to make the process of switching between your school proxy network and your home network a veritable breeze. Who is it for?

F30 EAZ-FIX  v.2013

FREE  enables users to instantly undo PC problems by reverting the PC back to last hour, yesterday, last week or last month before the problems happened.

PCTimeMachine  v.

Remove software failures, system file missing, virus infection, files corruption, BSOD, system crashes in seconds!PCTimeMachine is a revolutionary software which turns your PC into the "Time Machine". With the PCTimeMachine, whoever you are,

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